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Fitting the pieces together December 28, 2009

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I have learned so much over the past 8 weeks about all of the learning theories that it has really made me take a different approach as it applies to the way that I learn. Earlier in the course we had to write about which learning theory best applied to the way that we learn and I really connected with the cognitive learning theory because I am more of  a hands on learner one that needs to touch, see, listen and read information to process information correctly. I noticed that as I studied the learning theories I found other theories that I also could relate to such as the connectivist and adult learning theory. I have a real interest for technology and social net-working and the connectivist theory had attributes that really fit my learning style. It was really interesting to learn about the adult learning theory because as an online learner I feel that I acquire information best through self-directed learning and practical information that can be applied to my work. The behaviorist learning theory had some interesting attributes but I didn’t find a direct connection as it applied to my learning style. The behaviorist theory is based on observation and stimulus response where as I learn best through direct connection. The social learning theory had also interesting attributes but as it applies to my learning style I only found that the social aspect of the theory was in direct correlation with how I learn. It was not until I started taking online courses that I really saw how working collaboratively in a social setting really helped me in understanding the content of the course.

Since I started taking online classes over four years ago I find that I am even more interested in technology and have even gotten better with using different applications. I think that working for a higher education company dedicated in keeping current with technological advances has also been of great benefit for me as a student and professionally. I use technology at work by way of the internet by researching, emailing and using different computer applications.


December 15, 2009

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Connectivism December 9, 2009

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Online learning has definitely made a significant impact on the way that I learn and how I go about seeking information. Before taking online classes I never really used the internet except to check emails and to pay my bills online. It wasn’t until I started taking courses online that I found a whole new world of information and a social community that I didn’t even know existed. I have learned so much about myself that it has really helped me grow as a working professional and as a student. I use facebook to keep in touch with family and friends and linked-in as a professional resource as well.

I love technology and that is one of the many reasons why I choose a Masters in Instructional Design and Technology. Any new tech type gadgets you can be sure that I either have it or will have it in the near future. My iphone is really important to me because it allows me to download podcasts and applications needed for school. Whenever I have a question on a particular topic I love using google, metacrawler and ask jeeves as my search engines. I also have signed up with different blog sites to find out more information on my current profession in education and also to keep up with current news and the world around me. Connectivism known as the learning theory for the digital age has really made an impact on the way that I learn. It was at an early age that the traditional way of learning was just not for me it was not until I took my first online course that I new I would finally have the opportunity to learn effectively. The ability to express myself through meaningful discussions with colleagues and learning from them and my instructor is just one of the many ways that connectivism has made a significant impact in my life.


Instructional Design and Technology: Neuroscience and Information processing November 17, 2009

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This week’s class assignment was to find three sites in relation to neuroscience and information technology. After careful research I found three sites that I will discuss in this week’s blog assignment.

Learning styles online was a very interesting site which gives you a lot of information on how the brain works in relation to the different learning styles. The site has a chart that really breaks down what type of learner you are from visual, logical, aural, verbal and physical. The site is also broken down into sections from; Learning styles inventory; and Learning styles overview each breaking down the learning theories and how learning styles uses different parts of the brain.

Really nice site that breaks down problem solving and how it relates to different subjects like math, science and logic. The site also gives you strategies on how to solve different problems using techniques from experts. The thing I found most interesting on the site is the break down on critical and creative thinking and how you can enhance your creative thinking and problem solving skills.


Instructional Design & Technology:Useful Instructional Design Blogs. November 9, 2009

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There were several Instructional Design blogs and resource sites that I found to be very useful for an IDT professional, but there were three main resource pages that I thought were the most informative.

The first resource site that I found during my research was Instructional Design Central which I bookmarked because it had a lot of information that I think will be useful to students and other IDT professionals. This community based site gives a lot of information regarding the IDT model, IDT history, IDT definition and a link to other IDT sites. There is also a forum where IDT professionals can share their thoughts, ideas and knowledge as it relates to IDT and the e-learning platform. The forum can also be used somewhat like Linked in where you can network and collaborate with other IDT professionals that I also thought to be very helpful.

The next site that I found will definitely be one of my favorite sites to use as a resource during my IDT program the blog is entitled “The Learned Man”. The blog gave several different resources that might be helpful for teachers who want to use multimedia presentations in their classroom to providing information to professionals who are online trainers. Some of the learning man’s recent posts even provide information on current events in IDT and how it has made a major impact in places like Saudi Arabia. The learning man also has blogs that gives you in depth information about the different learning theories and how it relates to the IDT profession. There is a link  that is provided that I will definitely use in my current course to help guide me to a better understanding of the different learning theories.

Another great IDT blog I found posted a you tube video about awareness and how it relates to learning.  As an IDT professional we will be using several different forms of technology to guide the learner, so it is important that we utilize these tools to help them focus on what is important in order for them to really grasp the information being taught. This blog can be viewed using the following link:


Hello world! October 29, 2009

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Hi All,

This is my first blog! Im so excited. Im currently pursuing an MS degree in Instructional Design & Technology through Walden University. It is part of my assignment to share my thoughts and  also to converse with my  classmates and other IDT professionals on IDT related topics.