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Instructional Design & Technology:Useful Instructional Design Blogs. November 9, 2009

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There were several Instructional Design blogs and resource sites that I found to be very useful for an IDT professional, but there were three main resource pages that I thought were the most informative.

The first resource site that I found during my research was Instructional Design Central which I bookmarked because it had a lot of information that I think will be useful to students and other IDT professionals. This community based site gives a lot of information regarding the IDT model, IDT history, IDT definition and a link to other IDT sites. There is also a forum where IDT professionals can share their thoughts, ideas and knowledge as it relates to IDT and the e-learning platform. The forum can also be used somewhat like Linked in where you can network and collaborate with other IDT professionals that I also thought to be very helpful.

The next site that I found will definitely be one of my favorite sites to use as a resource during my IDT program the blog is entitled “The Learned Man”. The blog gave several different resources that might be helpful for teachers who want to use multimedia presentations in their classroom to providing information to professionals who are online trainers. Some of the learning man’s recent posts even provide information on current events in IDT and how it has made a major impact in places like Saudi Arabia. The learning man also has blogs that gives you in depth information about the different learning theories and how it relates to the IDT profession. There is a link  that is provided that I will definitely use in my current course to help guide me to a better understanding of the different learning theories.

Another great IDT blog I found posted a you tube video about awareness and how it relates to learning.  As an IDT professional we will be using several different forms of technology to guide the learner, so it is important that we utilize these tools to help them focus on what is important in order for them to really grasp the information being taught. This blog can be viewed using the following link:


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